lorcaserin side effects

People tend not to stick to diets so often people turn towards diet pills. The problem is some diet pills have bad side effects or can't be taken long term.


In 1997 the popular "fen-phen" was removed from the diet market due to problems to the heart valves of the people who used it.

In the future there may be an answer to obesity. In a recent clinical trial an experimental drug named Lorcaserin was shown to be safe and effective at weight loss.

Lorcaserin works by targeting the serotonin; which is a hormone based in the brain that regulates hunger. Its use means that obese people feel less hungry so lose weight through eating less.

There was a similar drug available called Fenfluramine that also affected the serotonin receptor, but this diet product was removed from the diet market due to its dangerous side effects. In tests it was shown to affect the heart valves of its users.

In separate tests Lorcaserin was found to be safer and more effective than Fenfluramine.

In a two-year study 3000 overweight patients were tested. In the study the drug was compared to a placebo and was shown to have positive effects on weight loss.

After one year, 50% of the people who took Lorcaserin had lost on average 5% of their body weight. In comparison only 20% of those who took the placebo lost weight.

It was also shown that those who took Lorcaserin had an easier time controlling their weight compared to those who took the placebo.

During these tests the only side effects shown by the users of the drug were slight headaches, nausea and dizziness.

More tests are obviously needed, but if Lorcaserin can pass them then maybe this will help the current fight against obesity.

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